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Book 2


Book 2

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R. Nevada, S.P.I.


When Strange Phenomena Investigator R. Nevada and his trusty sidekick Carl Pukwudgie are sent to London by secretive man-in-gray Inclusio to investigate reports of possible alien activity, they team up with minxish gothette Kardia Kilshaw to track down three affable, goggle clad Steampunk aliens that have time travelled to present day from the Victorian past (BTW, did you know that the London Eye is a time machine?) thinking that humanity would have been decimated by the Mayan apocalypse of 2012 and Earth would be ripe for conquest. Are three bumbling, ale-soaked aliens a quorum for a proper invasion, or are they just red herrings designed to distract from something more dastardly. Rest assured,  Nevada and his cohorts will get to the bottom of things, since that's where they're most comfortable.


Alien Law






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The character R. Nevada is a complex yet simple fellow in the sense that what you see is pretty much what you get with him, but he is composed of paradoxes. He is fascinated by technology, for instance, but steadfastly refuses to be controlled by it and is therefore comfortable remaining  in his "slow-tech" zone - using older technology, resisting upgrades and cutting edge devices. You would expect a Strange Phenomena Investigator to be into gadgets and high-tech tools to ply his trade, but he relies on others, like colorful sidekick Carl Pukwudie, for that sort of expertise and assistance. In this respect he's a bit anachronistic, but not a full-on anachronism.

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R. Nevada, S.P.I. - Alien Law

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