Thursday, February 28, 2013

What people (and other beings) are saying about R. Nevada, S.P.I. - Alien Law - by EK Gillcoan:

"Gillcoan is a friggin' master of this stuff, dude."
   - Carl Pukwudgie,  cryptozoologist, electronic genius and masterful sidekick character in "Alien Law".

"I better get a bigger part in the next one." 
   - Inclusio, disgruntled minor character appearing in last chapter to set up next book (and who will, promise, promise, have a bigger role in the next one).

"This writing thing had better work out or he'll wish he'd been abducted by Boeotians!"
   - Brade Gillcoan, patient, loving and adoring wife of EK Gillcoan.

"01001101 01100101 01101000 00101110"
   - Boeotian friend, and big fan!

"I have to say that I find this book quite amusing and that EK Gillcoan is a skillful raconteur. No, really, I have to say that."
   - R. Nevada, Strange Phenomena Investigator, "slow-tech" aficionado, and main protagonist of the R. Nevada, S.P.I. series of books.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

E-Pub version now available

(This book is a tongue-in-cheek work of fiction. Any similarity to real persons, aliens or events described in this book is purely coincidental.)

Alien Law
Is an evil extraterrestrial corporation trying to control the minds of our elected officials and dictate legislation? Why would a US Senator's daughter seek out R. Nevada, Strange Phenomena Investigator, for help in finding out what's happening to her father?

Mind reading devices, alien brain scan machines, hypno-brooches, and lucid dreams all play a role in this tongue-in-cheek story of the mind-altering efforts of malevolent beings.

Join seasoned investigator R. Nevada, the senator's daughter Ms. McGill, cryptozoologist Carl Pukwudgie, and professor of anthropology Adam Douglas as they encounter one strange phenomenon after another in their search for the truth.