Select Excerpts: Lucid Dream #1

(From Alien Law, Ch. 6)

There was an odd looking metallic door straight ahead of him. It was covered in strange symbols that seemed to be etched into the door and were glowing, pulsating in changing colors. The number “33”, hand-painted in dark red, was clearly visible in the middle of the door.
He approached the door slowly and stood in front of it for a moment, wondering if he should open it, wondering if he could open it. Suddenly the door dissolved, seemed to vaporize, and he was standing in a large, circular room bathed in painfully bright light. At first the intense light blinded him, but as his eyes adjusted he began to make out objects and shapes.
Nevada knew he was dreaming. He was always aware in his dreams and could often control them to one degree or another. But this dream was different. It felt like it was coming from outside of him instead of from his own subconscious. It seemed like he was in a movie that was being projected into his brain. But where, he thought, was the projector. Being the sleuth that he is, and knowing that one thing inevitably leads to another, he dreamt on.
As he moved into the room he saw consoles with banks of flashing multi-colored lights. There were long tables laid out with what looked like stone and clay tablets covered with ancient writing. The round walls of the room had images of stone monoliths and pyramids moving slowly around them. In the center of the room was a circular railing around what appeared to be a concave depression in the floor.
As Nevada approached the railing the light in the room changed from harsh white light to a softer blue light. He looked down into the depression in the floor and saw a field of familiar looking stars stretching across it. In an instant the stars had vanished and the image of what looked like an ancient Roman or Grecian warrior appeared. He realized this was a view screen and he was seeing a sort of slide presentation.
The light level in the room continued to lower as he watched the screen and the room was now dark, except for the light the view screen was giving off. He heard a soft clicking sound and looked up, but couldn't see anything. The image on the screen now changed and Nevada looked down to see a sort of montage of moving images of Senator McGill. Alone, at first. Eating, sitting at his desk, reading a newspaper, walking up the steps of the Capitol. Then images of the Senator with his assistant, Meissa Trilby appeared. She was putting papers in front of him to sign, going over his appointment book with him, escorting him down the halls of the Senate by his elbow.
Nevada heard the clicking sounds again and looked up to see shadows moving around in front of him on the other side of the room. He thought he could see the outlines of tall, thin beings with elongated heads, but he couldn't make out eyes or faces.
Suddenly, he heard a knocking sound coming from behind him and turned to see Ms. McGill standing in the doorway dressed in a very revealing black lace baby-doll lingerie outfit with pink accents and dangling red tassels.
“Mr. Nevada?” she said softly. “Mr. Nevada?”
Nevada's eyes burst wide open and he sat straight up in bed, his face contorted with mixed emotions. He tried to take a deep breath as he adjusted to entering the waking world.
Ms. McGill was out in the hallway knocking on the bedroom door. “Mr. Nevada? Are you up? Everyone is here.”
Copyright 2013 EK Gillcoan

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