Thursday, February 28, 2013

What people (and other beings) are saying about R. Nevada, S.P.I. - Alien Law - by EK Gillcoan:

"Gillcoan is a friggin' master of this stuff, dude."
   - Carl Pukwudgie,  cryptozoologist, electronic genius and masterful sidekick character in "Alien Law".

"I better get a bigger part in the next one." 
   - Inclusio, disgruntled minor character appearing in last chapter to set up next book (and who will, promise, promise, have a bigger role in the next one).

"This writing thing had better work out or he'll wish he'd been abducted by Boeotians!"
   - Brade Gillcoan, patient, loving and adoring wife of EK Gillcoan.

"01001101 01100101 01101000 00101110"
   - Boeotian friend, and big fan!

"I have to say that I find this book quite amusing and that EK Gillcoan is a skillful raconteur. No, really, I have to say that."
   - R. Nevada, Strange Phenomena Investigator, "slow-tech" aficionado, and main protagonist of the R. Nevada, S.P.I. series of books.

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